Giuseppes Pasta Alforno – Rosemount

Living in Apple Valley, MN is amazing. Although a lot of people don’t care for the “burbs” it fits me just fine. That said, Apple Valley is the city whore house for chain restaurants. There are a few good local restaurants, but for the most part the city is filled with about every major chain restaurant you can list.

For this reason, Pauline and I like to find “mom and pop” restaurants that are local. We went out last night for my birthday in search of a Sri Lankan restaurant called House of Curry that we had heard about in Rosemount. We arrived rather late only to find the restaurant wasn’t open on Monday’s. Oh Snap!

Since we were in Rosemount, we were going to head to our “usual” mexican restaurant Las Tortillas, but Pauline mentioned that there was an Italian restaurant we were near. It wasn’t a chain and it was my birthday, so wanting something different we decided to try Giuseppes Pasta Alforno

Capellini Pomodoro

Capellini Pomodoro

As we entered the the small dark restaurant, you are sent down a narrow half walled aisle. At the end was a large party that was leaving, so it was awkward getting through the space. What I found interesting was how happy everyone was. As we worked our way through the maze of people, a man with cooking jacket comes out and hands the party a bag of fresh baked bread. The conversation between the staff and the leader of the large party seems maladroit as there is an obvious language barrier.

It takes a little while for the staff to realize we are not part of the large party, but we are seated in the corner and given menus. At this point, it is 30 minutes before the restaurant is suppose to close and the staff are not smiling, but seem to be going through the motions. We are started with some water and fresh bread and an infused herb and olive oil mixture that is obviously home made. The bread is amazing with a salty tangy top and when dipped in the oil, it is packed with great flavors.

Sausage di Sicilia

Sausage di Sicilia

We don’t take long to decide on our order, but we were not given a wine list so I ask the waiter for it before we place our food orders. He still doesn’t seem pleased and almost rushes us to get in our wine order. Both of us order red wines and place our order. Pauline orders the Capellini Pomodoro while I go with Sausage Di Sicilia.

We are brought the wine and start a conversation about our day. Pauline was enjoying a Black Opal Shiraz I believe and I was enjoying the Cellar No 8 Zinfandel. My wine was the perfect temperature to show off this inexpensive Zin that had some pretty complex flavors. It wasn’t dry and had just enough of a sweetness to make it a perfect fit for me.

A short while later our food arrived. Mine was steaming hot which was torture as it smelled so marvelous. The baked dish had Ziti pasta smothered with a meaty merlot sauce. Included in the sauce was an amazing hot Italian sausage with five cheeses and a few meatballs to top the dish. Pauline didn’t choose a meat dish, but instead had a dish of Angel hair pasta tossed with sun-dried and fresh tomatoes, mushroom, artichoke hearts, and parsley in garlic olive oil, topped with feta cheese.

Both dishes proved to be way to large for us to finish even though both of us were very hungry. We were given a lot of time to eat our dish before the waiter arrived with two containers to take our left overs back home with. As he brought the bill, I told him we really enjoyed the meal and we would be back. He seemed surprised we had never eaten there before and when Pauline told him we had just found it while out hunting for a birthday meal for me, he told us in his broken english that he was going to give us dessert for my birthday.

A few seconds later he arrives with a small dish of cannoli with pistachio dipped ends and sitting in what I can only guess is a lavender or rose syrup. It was fantastic. We took care of the bill and headed out as they were cleaning up the place for the end of the day. The staff must have wished me a happy birthday a half a dozen times on my way out which really made the end of the day even that more special.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to others and give it high marks.

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Happy Birthday Ghost

Today is a special day! No, we don’t have an agenda to try to legalize marijuana. Four-twenty is not a mantra we use, but instead we are celebrating April 20th as it is Ghost’s birthday!

Our ninety-seven pound puppy is moving into adulthood. We celebrated the day by taking him shopping. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get him a cake for the special day. We did pick up a fresh “pup” cake and some fresh treats. Then we headed to a second pet shop for a new nyla-bone, water buffalo horn and more treats.

I have been teasing the poor boy by yelling that there is a SQUIRREL just outside the house. That drives him just about insane trying to figure out just where it is, but it sure is funny to me.

Love ya Ghost!

Twins Opening Day 2015

Target Field Opener 2014

Target Filed Opening day April 2014

Getting excited about the Minnesota Twins this season might be difficult, but getting charged up about opening day at Target Field is as easy as enjoying a Surly draft out of the Twins pub.

Hitting opening day at Target Field is a tradition I have kept since the ball park opened in 2010. It has been an experience over the years. The first year I had to be talked into spending the money to secure seats for the game. Our group ran into some issues on the way back from Milwaukee and we almost missed getting to the game on time. Since then I have endured some cold temperatures in the shade of the first base line and bathed in the glorious spring rays in left field (while others froze there butts off on the first base side).

Opening day at Target Field is a splendid day that marks the beginning of baseball in Minnesota. It brings to mind thoughts of warm summers on the deck, sitting in lawn chairs, eating sunflower seeds while watching softball, and pulling a cold beverage out of a frigid bath of ice water in the cooler. Here is to the Twins 2015 opener and the end of 2014 winter in Minnesota.

Found Ghost

We were watching some videos of various dogs and kennels in the area when Pauline found this gem.

It is a video of Ghost before we adopted him. I hope they never take it down :)

Leopoldo / Haglund Memorial Wrestling Invitational

Headed to Mound, MN for wrestling tournament where Gage got to wrestle varsity for the first time in 2014.

Gage was lucky enough to draw the number one ranked wrestler at 152 MN AA. Tough draw, but he bravely went out and did his best. Unfortunately there was no major upset, but he wrestled well. Gage lost by fall late in the first period to Mack Short of Simley.

His second match he faired much better winning by fall midway through the first period against Air Chaisattayarak of St. Croix Lutheran.

The last match was best wth Gage wrestling a strong 152 pound senior Cole Anderly from Westonka-Mounds for 5th place.

In the end Gage improved to a 3-1 record on varsity.

Celebrating the Fourth of July

It has been some time since I have posted. I have been meaning to write a few beer reviews and post some more about the diet, but haven’t had the time between projects.

The house is a mess and I have to have the truck packed and ready to go in about two and a half hours so this will be a short post.

Last night Pauline and I became old as we were not cool enough to hang out with for the fireworks. Dayton and Gage both went with their friends to the park to watch the show. Senior wasn’t feeling it I guess and declined to go with us.

The walk to the park isn’t to far down the trail, but it was hot and muggy (the type of night where you can feel the wet air in your lungs). We go to the park about an hour before the show just as it started filling up. We were at the park just north of where they launch the fireworks.

We found a nice spot by a tree and tried to cool down in our chairs. There was a light breeze where we were that helped, but when you felt it, it just made you long for more. The fireworks started after 10:00 pm and it felt kind of odd just being Pauline and I there, but also was kind of nice. I guess this might just be how we celebrate things if Kobe really does move out some day.

Anyway, the fireworks were great and the finale was absolutely awesome (see the clip on the page). After the show we stumbled through the dark path home (I could still see the path well enough, but Pauline was more afraid of the things we couldn’t see).

Coming into the house was a shock to the system as the air was cool and dry. Gage got dropped off by Dayton a little later and then soon left again for the night and Dayton straggled in before midnight grumpy still about her day at work.

I hope I never forget nights like last night though. Pauline and I talked about how great a night it was there. We both agreed that the only thing that could have made it better is if we lived closer to the lake.

Update on the “No Meat” challenge

It has been almost two weeks since I have had some meat and I am still alive.

Going with out meat for two weeks has not been real tough actually. It is the dairy products that I really miss. Greek yogurt and cheese the most.

Eggs have been the other item I miss more then meat. But we are learning to find good substitutes. My favorite substitute, that I might just keep is almond milk for milk. It has good flavor and some better health benefits.

I have been battling with some type of yeast/bacterial issue the last few days. It makes me curious if it is part in due to missing some of those “good” bacteria that you get with dairy. The sore throat never made me miserable, but apparently the halitosis has been pretty bad for all those within a breathes distance from me (sorry friends).

With another two weeks to go, I can see a future with better nutritional choices ahead of me. I don’t plan on giving up meat all together, but I am not afraid now to go a day (or several days for that matter) without eating it. I also have a new palette that enjoys things like broccoli, eggplant, asparagus, cucumbers that aren’t pickles, and zucchini.

Gone are the days were I made most things in a box and instead I plan on making a lot more from scratch with the new blender and food processor.

Finally, I have to note that after two weeks I am close to have losing 10 pounds which is pretty amazing. The lose is only somewhat related to not eating meat. It is very much the result of carefully watching calories and getting some exercise.

June 14, 2012

Dinner for the night

Dinner of falafel with Tofu and stir fry

Just want to make a note to everyone that if you are on a vegan diet, Buffalo Wild Wings is no place for you. Thankfully this diet is only temporary.

Pumpkin Raisin Crunch [5 Points]
Almond Milk [0 Points]
Coffee [0 Points]

Spinach Artichoke with Pita Chips [14 Points]
Carrots and Celery [0 Points]

Cacao Goji Superfood [2 Points]

35 minutes on the treadmill and ran 2.61 miles while burning 538 calories.

Falafel [6 Points]
Tofu and stir fry [2 Points]

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